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Rent a GPS

ipadAn increasing number of travelers rely on Google Maps or Waze app. Though you are familiar with the roads you’re suppose to take. During heavy traffic a little help with this apps can surely make huge difference.

Here’s what you get with an iPad mini GPRS/wifi

  • Use Google maps for turn-by-turn direction with audio
  • Use Waze app for traffic conditions
  • You can turn it into a HOTSPOT (share internet)
  • or simply use the iPad mini what it’s best for… browsing

Rent today for only 500 pesos a day. Comes with a cable and car charger.

What is Car Rental Security Bond?

Security Bond is similar to this co-called Credit/Authorization Hold using credit card in developed countries.

Manila Rent a Car want to be assured that if something does go wrong and you owe anything, we are able to collect without hassles.

This is a partial amount which we hold on to, as of form of insurance. And it also lessen your maximum liability to 20% of the vehicle’s fair value. Adding a CDW/LDW (collision/loss damage waiver) will further lessen your maximum liability to 10% of vehicle’s fair value.

When to Pay the Security Bond?

You need to pay the security bond on or before Manila Rent a Car hand-over the vehicle to you.

When Do You Return My Security Bond?

  • Upon returning our vehicle early or on-time.
  • You did not breach any conditions of the rental agreement (ie: excess mileage, excess time).
  • No additional damage to the vehicle from the time it was hand-over to you.

Can I Rent a Car Self-Drive without a Credit Card or any Proof of Finance?

Having able to pay your measly rental fee doesn’t mean you’re credible enough to be trusted with hundreds of thousands if not millions of pesos worth of car. We simply do not want to accept money unless we find you trustworthy.

We are unlike other company which would simply accept your money and later deny you with the car. Because of your lack of credit worthiness.

It’s a MUST to show proof of finance to check your credit worthiness. Credit card statement, payslip, income tax return, and other similar documents are acceptable.


An individual’s past, current and future ability to repay debts. Determined by reviewing the individual’s finance history.

May guarantee o warranty ba in case mag-breakdown yung car?

car-breakdownKung normal wear and tear ng kotse ang pagkasira, ito ay sagot ng kompanya. Ngunit, kung driver’s negligence (kapabayaan) or misuse (maling paggamit) sagot po ng client. Mga karaniwang halimbawa ng driver’s negligence: 1) battery discharge,  2) tire blow-out at iba pang kauri nito.

Mayroon kaming ROAD-SIDE ASSISTANCE na option, upang kami po ang sumagot ng inyong magiging problema tulad nito. Para magtanong, tumawag lamang sa telepono bilang (0917) 426-2000 o (0999) 888-6666.

Am I responsible for cleaning the car before returning it?

Car WashClean your trash, dirt and crumbs out of the car before you return it.

If the rental company finds the car unsuitable for inspection of scratch or dents. And has to do more than a quick vacuum, the rental company will have to HOLD your entire security bond.