Honda CR-V 2.0LX A/T Compact SUV as low as 1,430/day ($32)

crv thumbnail 2012 model Honda CR-V 2.0LX A/T 4X2 compact SUV for rent. Comes with Cruise Control and Dual Airbags. The CR-V is probably the most comfortable SUV when it comes to driving.

➥ service type: self-driven (age 21~60 years old) or chauffeur-driven

➥ car rental rate: starts at 1,430 ~ 3,515 (monthly to daily) per day. rental rate differs based on duration and/or destination. (options: additional driver, GPS using iPad mini, baby car seat & CDW not yet included)

➥ early booking discounts: 2% Off for 30 days early reservation and up to 10% Off for 5 months early reservation.

cartype16x16 5DR Compact SUV with automatic transmission
capacity16x16 up to 5 seating capacity with seat belts
bag16x16 up to 6 full size luggage or 2 balik-bayan boxes
fuel16x16 2.0 liter powerful unleaded i-VTEC engine
aircon16x16 strong air-con with multiple vents

CR-V exterior gives it a look that is versatile, stylish and modern, while the interior is quiet and made from soft-touch materials.

We also accept, long-term (six months & above) car rental arrangement which includes FREE quarterly car maintenance. Giving you a peace of mind.

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201 comments on “Honda CR-V 2.0LX A/T Compact SUV as low as 1,430/day ($32)

  1. Rommel Buenafe says:

    I need a CRV or similar car for 1 month rental self driven. I need it in Terminal 1 airport on May 27

  2. Joe Wang says:

    Please leave me a messages by email for 3 days from Apr.21 Noon to Apr.24 for this model
    and My name is Joe Wang from Taiwan for 3 days stay.

    Thank You .

  3. Baidido Castillo says:

    Hello….we need a car by June 4,2017 from NAIA to Tuguegarao…we dont need a driver and the car is SUV and must be deisel engine much per day ?

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